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Voice of Peace is the first offshore pop station broadcasting radio station airing live from Tel Aviv, Israel. It was continually on-air between 19 May 1973 and November 1993. Abie Nathan operates the station. The broadcasting area is East of the Mediterranean Sea. The broadcasting languages are Hebrew, English, Arabic, and French. It offers 24 hours a day transmission. It aims to maintain peace in the middle east and worldwide. Many advertisers are attracted by PAMS, CPMG, TM Productions jingles, JAM, English-speaking DJs, and Top 40 hits.

For the first time, it was on-air by 1539 AM (announced as 1540 AM). It added signals at 100.0 FM in 1998. Many notable personalities recorded their peace messages and signed many peace posters. In August 2009, it relaunched as an online station. It started the second online channel in 2014, Voice of Peace Classic. The music genre is Pop/Variety/Oldies. The station’s slogan is “The Voice of Peace, One Great Station, Two Fantastic Channels.” It closes its transmission on 18 July 2020. Due to Covid-19, It is difficult to maintain the station. The last announcement was, “we will do everything possible to come back to you in the near future.”

Currently, Streaming for this station is not available.

Voice of Peace

Programs of Voice of Peace:

Breakfast Show, Morning Show, Lunch Box, In Hebrew, Drivetime, Twilight Time, Songs That Don “T Get, The Late Show, Non-Stop Music, And Request, And Usa Take Over.

On-air Presenters:

Bob Le-Roi, Linda Mason, Rob Charles, John Macdonald, Jay Foster, Mark Hanna, Andy Cox, Richard Ticho, Alan Roberts, Chris Williams, Doug Wood, Mark St. John.

Contact Details:

Address: From somewhere in the Mediterranean
Email: studio@thevoiceofpeace.co.il
Official Website: https://thevoiceofpeace.co.il/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheVoiceOfPeaceRadio
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thepeaceship
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thevoiceofpeace.co.il/

Consider Listening: Radio Al Shams FM 98.1/101