Radio Nepal AM 792


Radio Nepal is a public audio broadcasting station that on-airs its transmission from Khatmandu, Nepal. It was established on 2 April 1951 by Tarani Prasad Koirala, and the owner is the Government of Nepal. This channel has an affiliation with the World Radio Network. It is the first radio station to cover the Khatmandu Valley and also covers national and international areas. Initially, it broadcast only four hours and 30 mint with the 250-watt transmitter. Later on, it improves itself and started transmission 18 hours a day. It provides public and government news, talk shows, entertainment, and music. It works with the motto of “New Nepali Inclusive Voice.” This channel airs its transmission on AM 792 frequency in the Nepali language. If streaming is not working then click below for online radio Nepal live streaming.

Presenters of Radio Nepal AM 792:

The famous presenters of the station are Jim Blum, Muluk Ma Aaja, Aingika Hinsa, and Niwaran Sachetana.

 Radio Nepal AM 792


The most listened and informative shows of the channel are Women’s World, Music Series, Agriculture Program, All together, Alternate Energy, East to West, Economic Activities, Good Governance, Hello Nepal, Knowledge is Power, Religious Program, Sweet Talk, Time passes, and Your request.

Radio Thaha Sanchar 99.6 FM

Contact Details:

Address: GPO. Box. No. 634 Singha Durbar, Kathmandu
Contact Number: +977-1-4211910
Email ID: /
Official Website: