Radio Tamor 102 FM


Radio Tamor is a community radio station that lives from Taplejung, Nepal. The main objective of the FM is to provide healthy entertainment and updated information to the listeners as demand. Radio Tamor’s programs consist of entertainment, talk shows, information, news, and a verity of music. It on-airs its transmission on 102 MHz frequency (FM) with a 3000-watt capacity from 5 AM to 12 PM in the Nepali language. It is designed to show in such a way that it supports and promotes the country’s language and culture. People can listen to it via online streaming and can participate via social media sites.

Programs of Radio Tamor 102.0 FM:

The most listened and top-rated programs of the station are विभिन्न भजन तथा विज्ञापनहरु, साझा खवर, दश मिनेट, राशीफल, लिम्बू समाचार, विज्ञापनहरु, नेपाली बहस, कार्यक्रम रोचक तथ्य, कार्यक्रम म्यजिकल मस्ती, BBC News, and कार्यक्रम एउटा कथा जिन्दगीको.

Radio Tamor 102.0 FM

Contact Details:

Address: Megahrg Helipyad Taplejug Dokhu 9, Nepal
Contact Number: + 977-024-460565, 9852680875
Official Website:

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