Radio Tinlal 88.6 FM


Radio Tinlal is a commercial radio station broadcasting live from Ramechhap, Nepal. The FM started broadcasting on 25 April and owned and operated by Evergreen Sunapati Media Pvt. Ltd. The station comes into operation with the collective struggle of people of different fields, from Ramechhap district. The radio’s tower built on its own land at one of the highest hill Bhalukhop hills. It covers the areas of Khotang.

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Similarly, radio broadcasting has been heard in Makwanpur, Rautahat, Bara, and other districts of Narayani zone. It telecast its transmission on 88.6 MHz frequency in the Nepali language from 5 AM to 10 PM daily. Its programs based on entertainment, information, education, Nepali songs, Pop, and film song and also includes local, national, and international news.

Radio Tinlal 88.6 FM

Presenters of Radio Tinlal 88.6 FM:

The famous and honorable presenters of the station are Lekh Bahadur, Nawraj Shrestha,
Dor (Shankar) Baruwal, Sarmila Sunuwar, and Snila Bishowkarm.


The FM on-air very unique and quality programs such as प्रवचन तथा भजन, प्रभातकालिन समाचार, कायाकैरन (उज्यालो), राष्ट्रिय गितहरु, तीनलाल खबर, जिवनको मार्ग, विज्ञापन तथ सुचनाहरु, बदलिदो नेपाल (उज्यालो), नेपाल खबर (उज्यालो), आधुनिक गितहरु, लोक सर्गम, हाम्रो भाका (सिटिजन बाट), नेपाल खबर (उज्यालो), द फिल्मी वज, तीनलाल खबर, हिन्दि गित, सुगम संगित, उज्यालो समाचार, नेपाली पप गित, बाल गित, मुक्तिको मार्ग, न्यु होप, समाचार (उज्यालो), पुराना लोक गीतहरू, दविएका आवाज, नेपाल दर्पण (उज्यालो), लोक दोहोरी, प्रमो प्रशारण, and श्रृति सम्बेग.

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Contact Details:

Address: Manthali municipality 1, Ramechhap, Nepal
Phone Number: 048-540125 / 048-540086
Official Website: