Namaste FM 107.2


Namaste FM is a broadcast radio station airing live transmission from Sunsari, Nepal. It began regular broadcasting from June 3, 2008. It is a popular radio channel because it provides such content that helps people change their mindset and improve their lives. Its programs consist of entertainment, information, talk shows, community programs, news, and a verity of music. It telecasts its live transmission by using 107.2 MHz frequency (FM) in the Nepali language. It works with the slogan of “Communication for Change.” People can listen to it anywhere through online streaming and can be part of the Namaste FM community via social media.

Programs of Namaste FM 107.2:

The most famous and top-rated shows of FM are शुभ बिहानी_कृष्ण प्र. कोइराला, नेपाली खबर_नेपाली रेडियो नेटवोर्क, नेपाली बहस_नेपाली रेडियो नेटवर्क, जीवन दर्पण_कृष्ण प्र. कोइराला, राष्ट्रिय गीतहरु, नमस्ते स्थानिय खबर, आराधना (भजनहरु), नेपाली खबर_रेडियो, गुड मर्निङ पुर्वान्चल_प्रमोद काफले, पुरानो नेपाली चलचित्रका गीतहरु, नयाँ नेपाली चलचित्रका गीतहरु, नमस्ते खबर (देश दुनियाँको खबर), पुर्बेली लोक दोहोरी गीतहरु, नमस्ते खेल्कुद खबर, बाल गीतहरु, and नमस्ते स्थानीय खबर.

Namaste FM 107.2


FM has very professional and talented presenters such as राजन छेत्री, नबराज दुलाल, and एडमण्ड पराजुली.

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Contact Details:

Address: Itahari-6, Sunsari, Koshi, Pradesh No. 1, Nepal
Contact Number: + 977-025-586941, 025-586942, 025-586943
Email ID:
Official Website: