Unique FM 103.1


Unique FM offers different entertainment programs such as music, talk shows, breaking news. Everybody can easily access its shows by joining it from radio and on different social media platforms. The branch of the unique FM 103.1 is situated in Ilesa, Nigeria.

History of Unique FM 103.1:

In a brief history of ARA FM 103.1, we can quote as Sir Abiola was the owner of this radio station. He was also a community leader, an industrialist, and a devout Christian. Over beside his different motivational roles, he also introduces the ARA FM 103.1 in a way to provide entertainment to the people of Nigeria who were suffering from different hurdles in their country. Unique FM went on the air on 1st October 2010. He was the Chairman of Unique Radio station, until his death. On 14 July 2017, he died at the age of 73.

Unique FM 103.1


Ara station is one of the famous radio stations known in Nigeria. There are different famous shows also on air in a way to entertain the people of not only Nigeria but also outside of the country to the whole world. Different famous personalities also run different shows, and people can contact them easily by using different mediums of conveying messages such as telephones, social media requests, etc. Ara Opin Ose and Ojutole are famous programs of this station.

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Contact Details:

Address: B177, Okesa street, Ilesa, Osun state Nigeria
Phone: 08172856383, 07063900450
Official Website: http://uniqfmarastation.net/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Uniq1031fmAraStation
Twitter: http://twitter.com/103uniq