CUT FM 105.8


CUT FM 105.8 Bloemfontein is a modern community radio station based on the Central University of Technology Bloemfontein Campus in South Africa. There are about 570 radio stations in South Africa, and among those CUT FM, 105.8 is one of the best South African radio stations. The station includes students and young adults as a target audience. Its slogan is “My Campus. My Youth. My Radio”. The radio station broadcasts in three languages; Afrikaans (Some), Sesotho (Secondary), and English (Primary). This medium is associated with various categories, like dance and talk programs. This university campus radio broadcasts music, talk shows, and programs for the students. Its frequency is 105.8 MHZ.

RJs and Programs:

Die Fakulteit with Kani Pitso
Kgomotso Todd
Midday Experience with Primi
CUT BLVD with Nkox Leader

CUT FM 105.8

Radio Rosestad 100.6 FM

Contact Details:

Station Address: 1 Park Road, 9300 Bloemfontein, Free State
Phone: +27515073153
Fax: +27515073153
Official Website:

Personnel Contact Details

Station Manager
Laila Nnyane
051 507 3153

Programme Manager
Lefu Gotso
076 494 0341

Sales Manager
Azola Mlota
060 304 5383

Marketing Manager
Janine van Vuuren
072 877 77131

News Editor
Maki Molapo
078 398 3592

Music Manager
Neville Ngobeni
071 744 1111

Executive Producer
Bogosing Immortal Botsime
073 176 9452

Administration Manager
Patrick Sizane
078 735 3902