Radio Metropole


Radio Metropole live to broadcast of Haiti. It is one of the well-known station broadcasting from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Radio Metropole Haiti uses a 100.1 MHz frequency that runs on the FM band. The basic contents of this channel are news, national music, news bulletins, variety shows, and international emissions cultural, political, social, and economical. Radio Métropole broadcasts news related to Island, political, cultural, economic, and sports programs, as well as International Information for its audience. It runs its programming in Francaise language. The channel aims to be happy with the listeners of its region. It wants to construct a strong bond between listeners and themselves. This relation between them results in more entertainment. Radio Metropole live streaming is available on the internet for local and international audiences.

History of Radio Metropole 100.1 FM:

As an owner, Herbert Widmaier operates Radio Métropole – FM 100.1. Firstly, it launched on March 8, 1970. The first time it broadcasts its transmission on the FM band in 1970. Then it began its broadcasting in Stereo in 1975. After this, it began to play music on CDs in 1980.

Radio Métropole FM 100.1

Famous Shows:

Sunday Varieties, Sunday Classic, the Night breeze, At her’s, Kreyol Journal – Xpress 4h, Bulletin 5 minutes before time, Evening Newspaper, and Morning newspaper – 2nd tranche are famous programs of this broadcasting station.

Nearby Stations:

The stations located near to this broadcasting channel are Tele Zenith FM 102.5, Shalom FM Haiti, Radio Timoun – FM 90.9, Télé Shalom – FM 103.7, and Tele Ginen AM 1030.

Contact Details:

Physical Address: Delmas 52, PO Box 62, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Phone Number: +509 2816 5252, +509 3702-2021
USA: (832) 999-1730
France: 01-80-14-25-10
RD: (849) 936-7145
Official Website: