Radio Dardania

Radio Dardania

Radio Dardania is a web radio from Tirana County, Albania. It is famous for playing Rock, Adult Contemporary, Pop, and R&B Hits music. In – in spite of playing these genres of music, it is famous for playing exclusively Albanian music. It is notable for advertisement promotions and donations.

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History of Radio Dardania:

This radio station was formed in 2004. It promotes the lost Albanian music along with new formats of songs. They are famous for fostering Albanian folk music, pop music, and so on. It is an online radio, and it can be heard worldwide. It also provides a chat platform from the people of other countries.

Radio Dardania

Target Listeners:

This radio station focuses on the emotions of the people of all ages. That’s why they play songs, not of modern customs but, also plays folk and traditional Albanian songs.


Its biggest competitor is Club FM – FM 100.4. It was first aired in 1998 and is owned by a private company. FM 100.4 is the first private station. It is famous for adult contemporary and classic songs. They are more prominent because they share the old traditions and customs that people of older age and especially parents wanted, that has been somehow lost among the youth. They maintain a harmonic relationship with the public by inviting them to ask frequent questions. This interaction is the source of their popularity and likeness, among others.


The famous Albanian songs played by this channel are Mene mene by Eva, Bs by Ghetto Geasy feat. Onat, Vec Ty by Dhurata Dora, Kom Dasht by Mozzik feat. Arta Memedi, Hajde merre Zemren by Nexhat Osmani, O Moj Pare by Getinjo, and many more.

Contact Details:

Its contact details are: