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ABC is an Albanian News channel with a frequency of 105.00 MHz FM. It refers to” American Broadcast Company.” The ABC is known as the very first established TV station in Albania. The day when it was established, it collaborated with seven different local studios like Vlora, Fier, Korca, Elbasan, Durres, and Shkodra.

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Format ABC News Albania:

ABC is an infotainment TV and FM station with a frequency of 105 MHz. It represents the Albanian culture and people. It airs all categories of programs and shows like weather, politics, culture, economy, region, sports, technology, showbiz, and World News. This TV and Radio station also holds educational programs, debate shows, documentaries on various things, trends of modern society, etc. It continuously broadcast authentic News and informs its audience about what is happening in the world.

abc news albania


It broadcast typical updates about everything related to Albania country. It also broadcasts international News about what is happening around the world. ABC TV airs updates regarding showbiz which are about the celebrities, actors, and singers of Albania. The reporters take the opinion of tourists about the products and places of Albania.


There are competitors of the Channel like Radio Tirana 1, Top News, A1 Report, EuroNews, and countless others.

Contact details:

Phone: +355 67 400 9040
Official Website: