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Հայաստանի Հանրային Ռադիո (Public Radio of Armenia) is a broadcasting radio station airing live from Yerevan, Armenia. It on-air its transmission by using 107.7 MHz frequency (FM) in the Armenian language. The program content is based on news, information, entertainment, and a variety of Armenian music. It is one of the largest broadcasters in the country with three national channels. It also had the most extensive sound archives, four orchestras, and participates in cultural preservation programs in the country.

History of Հայաստանի Հանրային Ռադիո / Public Radio of Armenia FM 107.6:

On September 1, 1926, it began its broadcasting under the supervision of Public Radio of Armenia. The first experimental radio program consists of 25 minutes duration as “Voice of Yerevan.” The program content is mainly folk music and news. On June 15, 1927, it started on a regular basis program covering only Yerevan and surrounding villages. Later on, it covers 25 villages and 40 others in the years 1927. On April 6, 1927, It on-air first radio program that consists of news and concerts.

Հայաստանի Հանրային Ռադիո FM 107.6

FM invited first radio hosts Vergine Babayan, Suren Kananyan, actors, and journalists from newspaper editorials, and conducted a radio program in December 1929. The radio committee was formed, with 12 employees and annually aired 2,160-hour programs at the end of 1929. It expanded its audiences, and creative capabilities and new technology were put in use in 1930.


In 1947, FM operated other music and entertainment channels that also aired new programs and projects and increased broadcasting hours and audience. On August 8, 1947, FM created an editorial group that prepares programs for Armenians living abroad. On August 10, 1947, it aired the first show on short waves. It broadcast its transmission to the Middle East and Near East and proclaimed Western European countries were launched.
International Public Radio of Armenia, established in 1967 under the supervision of the label Radio Yerevan.

Public Radio of Armenia FM 107.6 is an international broadcasting service, before 2006, it broadcast on shortwave. Later on, it switched online transmission and provided transmission in many languages such as Armenian, Kurdish, Arabic, Azerbaijani, English, Persian, French, Georgian, German, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. FM had its orchestras, including Sayat-Nova, Minstrel Song Ensemble, Symphonic Ensemble, Folk Instruments Ensemble after Aram Merangulyan, and “Arevik” junior ensemble. The presenter Lucy Kocharyan won an International Women of Courage Award as she hosts two shows on FM in 2020.


The famous shows are 120 Minutes, And Said The God, Aratcani, Armenian Melody, At Yerevan Concert Halls, Avetis, Before Midnight, Byurakn, From Morning To Afternoon, Haik, Mushmushik, Musical Festivity, Musical Mosaic, and Musical Pastime.
The other shows are PR Armenia Areg, PR Armenia Belief, PR Armenia News Desk, PR Armenia Parliamentary Hour, PR Armenia Radio Theatre, PR Armenia Retro, PR Armenia Review, Radio Calendar, Radio Express, Radio Wave, Revelation, Shoghakn Araratian, Side Scenes, Sport Life, The Instant, The Mirror, Theme Plus, Varasdat, and Voice Of The Greats.

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