Radio Van FM 103.1


Radio Van is a music and fun-based broadcasting radio station situated in Yerevan, Armenia. It on-air its transmission on 103.1 MHz frequency (FM). It offers to program in the Armenian language 24 hours a day. It is well-known for the best contemporary music, historical, and social, smart, and intellectual programs – entertaining and fun. It is a smart, interactive, and tasteful radio channel. It broadcast music for the soul, mind, and music that express your preferences and emotions. It has a rich musical collection of national and international mixed music. It offers online streaming on the official link and be a part of FM via social media.

Programs of Radio Van FM 103.1:

FashiONline – Saturday – 2 PM
Боброе Утро – Monday & Thursday – 9 AM to 12 PM
Глумово утро – Weekdays – 9 AM to 12 PM
Линейный эфир – Weekdays – 12 PM to 3 PM
ՌադիոՖուտբոլ – Tuesday & Saturday – 11 to 12
World Music & Exclusive – Monday – 21 to 22
BeatMania – Thurday – 22:00

Radio Van FM

On-air Presenters:

Дмитрий Мкртчян, Маша Матвеева, Лусине Бадалян, Жак, Максим Горький, Аня Геллер, Инна МК, Сероб Оганян, Арман Абовян, Айк Казазян, and Армен Манукян are the famous and most listened station’s hosts.

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Contact Details:

Address: Khanjyan 13a, 7th floor, Radio “VAN”, 0010 Yerevan, Armenia
Phone Number: (+37410) 56-09-01
For advertising: +37410) 54-00-02
For other questions: +37410) 54-00-01
Email ID:
Official Website: