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ABC Triple J is an Australian radio show broadcasting station belonging to Sydney, New South Wales. This radio station is a government-funded organization. The major aim of this station is to provide Australian content than a commercial one. The station is affiliated with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The sister stations are Unearthed and Double J. The listeners can also facilitate themselves through online internet services and DAB. The content consists of the format of music, current affairs, and youth culture. The slogan of this station is ‘We love Music.’ The operational frequency is 105.7 (FM).

About ABC Triple J 105.7 FM

The station commenced broadcasting under the name 2JJ on Sunday, 19 January 1975. The initial frequency was 1540 kHz which changed to 1539 kHz in 1978. Gradually, the public started acknowledging the station as call sign Double J. The authorities hired the staff from ABC’s other stations as well as from other commercial radio stations. Double J was not answerable to the advertising companies and commercial radio censorship as it worked under the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as a government-funded organization.

ABC Triple J 105.7 FM

Gradually, the station introduced innovations according to the recommendations stated in McLean Report, issued in 1974. 2JJ has inspired its policies from many other commercial radio stations. Mungo MacCallum introduced the format of current affairs, political and regular news broadcasting on this radio station. The station lost its status due to the broadcasting of controversial content. But with time, it regained its earned fame due to its media article, which catered to the youth community. As a result, the population share reached 5.4% from 2.3%.

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Along with this, it also commenced broadcasting live concert events in the late 1970s. The radio station shifted to the FM band at the current frequency on 1 August 1980. Furthermore, it switched to call sign 2JJJ on 18 January 1981. In the middle eighties, it introduced new music to cater to the growing interest of the youth. This music range includes Japanese pop, world, and ambient music shows. On 19 January 1981, 2JJJ began operating on the FM band only because of the unavailability of AM transmitters. In the 1990s, new DJs and programmers of comedy and documentary programs took the older ones.

In 1994, the station expanded its broadcasting regions. This coverage area was further increased in 1996 from 18 to 44 regions. In addition, it started on-airing the podcasts. In 2006, there was a further increase in the coverage area of this station due to the rise in the number of transmitters in 2004. The authorities launched jtv in the same year. In 2008 jtv rebranded itself as triple j TV. In August 2015, triple j was ranked among the top radio stations in Sydney.


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