My Refuge Christian Radio


My Refuge Christian radio was developed in 1994. On September 18, 1994, the channel broadcasted its first transmission. My refuge Christian ministries owned the station. The channel is a nonprofit radio and works only for the betterment of its youth. The refuge radio is present in Belmopan, Belize. The content of the station attracts the whole city but usually mature, and Church people are addicted to it.

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My refuge network is an FM band and broadcasts on 93.7 MHz frequency. With this frequency, the channel’s broadcast is available to the people of the main city. But on 100.5 MHz frequency people of outlying areas can also listen to this network. The radio transmitter uses 500 watts of power for programming. About 16,0000 people are the potential audience of the programming of the FM. The network works for seven days a week for 24 hours.

My Refuge Christian Radio

Purpose of My Refuge Christian Radio:

The purpose is only to promote Christianity. To make people realize that God is one and present among us also, Jesus Christ is the son of God. He made a lot of sacrifices for His people and was hung for their sins. Moreover, the team members of the Church focus on the Second Advent of Jesus Christ. The broadcasters of the radio make people realize that God loves His creatures. And with obedience, repentance and faith, one can win the love of God. In return for that He would bless you with eternal life and happiness of Heavens. Another purpose is to serve needy people for that the group members collect charity and give it to the deserving ones.


National anthem & prayer/morning Devotion, theme songs, our daily bread, turning point, Christian news, community calendar, keys for kids, eyes on the nation, worship music, love for finding, country music, fellowship in the world, in touch, mixed music, open door ministries, storytime, community calendar, pathway to life ministries, hope for the heart, children’s music, adventures in odyssey, Caribbean music, Christ is the answer, unshackled, German program, Una Luz en tu Camino, Bible scripture reading.

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Contact Details:

Physical Address: PO. Box 275 Belmopan, Belize Central America
Phone Number: 011-501-822-0539
Official website: