Integrity Radio


Integrity radio is an FM dial station which runs on 97.1 MHz frequency. The network is present in Belize, Central America. It was made for the people of the Church and religion. It attracts the whole Christian community of all ages. The broadcasters do its broadcast in the English language for the comprehension of English people.
The technical department of the station works a lot to make clear and good signals for better broadcasting. The station is unprofitable and was only made for the betterment of people.

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Program Format:

It is a religious channel. It usually airs two formats which are Christian contemporary talk and culture. The first one carries different varieties in it like airing Bible verses, gospel songs, speeches etc. The second one has other things like norms and traditions of Christian culture. It focuses on the things which are allowed and which are prohibited in Christianity. It also includes the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The team makes people realize that the end is very near. The Church people who do broadcast tell people how to win good grades in the eye of God. Moreover, it also shows them good ways of living.

Integrity Radio

Slogan of Integrity Radio:

The station has a slogan “nothing but truth”.

Nearby Stations:

Other radios of the town are My Refuge Christian radio, SCRS FM, More FM, Fiesta FM, Mood FM, Love FM etc.

Famous Songs on the Radio:

There are a lot of songs which station airs but the most prominent among them are here:
Who you say I am, amazing grace, good father, I can only imagine, shout to the Lord, Jesus Messiah, glorious day, Lord I need You, my saviour my God, give me your eyes, who am I, I will rise and many others?

Contact Details:

The physical address of the station is present at Belize, Central America. The phone number to call at radio is +501 227-1460. To approach the Facebook page of radio at the link,