Sugar City Radio Station


Sugar City radio station 103.1 FM is available at Orange Walk, Belize. It is an FM band network that works using 103.1 MHz frequency. It targets the whole audience of Orange Walk. Being a channel of an English state, it broadcasts all programming in the English language. Anyone can listen to live radio on the given frequency also and also from its official website or here. Northern communication network LTD owns this FM.

Sorry! Currently, live streaming for this station is not available.

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SCRS basically is a music channel. It airs all varieties of music genres like hip hop, rock, classic, love and fast music. Along with this, the radio commentators broadcast national and international news, weather updates, sports, breaking news and upcoming events etc.

Sugar City Radio Station

Purpose of Sugar City Radio Station:

The purpose of the radio is only to amuse and entertain its audience. The team members care a lot for the choice of their listeners. They also manage to play songs of people’s choice. The station is famous for hip hop songs. The purpose of playing this variety of music is to motivate the listeners.


The network has a slogan “A great radio station for a great community”.

Nearby or Competitors:

There are other radios which are the competitors of the channel like More FM, Fiesta FM, Love FM, Faith FM, KREM FM etc.

Contact Details:

The physical address of the station is Orange Walk, Belize, Central America. The phone number to call at the station is 3020472. The Facebook page of the network is The twitter account is The email address to contact radio personally is To listen to the live channel from its official website: