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AOLMRadio is an internet broadcasting radio station that plays nonstop music 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The administration acknowledged in 2005 that there was a lot of excellent music being produced but that very few people really heard it. So the management decided to let people know about some of the bands and artists they found. As a result, the management created the ArtistsOnLineMusic website. Numerous bands and musicians have since come and gone, but their music is still available on the radio for you to listen to.

AOLMRadio was launched in 2012, first with Radionomy and later with Torontocast in Canada. Listeners can listen to music from emerging and unsigned bands and artists on the channel. The internet radio also plays a diverse selection of the best new and old music, ranging from Ambient to Soul, Pop to Folk, Prog Rock to Hip Hop. The audience can listen to the station on a laptop or computer using this website and several internet radio services like Canadian streaming through Torontocast.


Programming of AOLMRadio:

Welcome to AOLM – 6 am
On The Go – 7 am
AOLM Stars – 9 am
Morning Rock – 10 am
AOLM Goes Pop – 11 am
Going Up Country – 12 am
What’s Up Folk? – 1pm
The Music Mix – 2 pm
The Flashback Show – 7 pm
AOLM Goes Indy – 8 pm
Eclectic AOLM – 9 pm
Rocks Heavy – 11 pm
Much More Music – 12 am
AOLM Hits Back – 1 am
AOLM Party Time – 2 am
Thru the Night – 3 am

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