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Radio Maria Congo is an online radio channel that broadcasts its programs from the country DR Congo, Bukavu. FM went in the air first time on October 31, 2014. It runs its program at 105.6 MHZ frequency on the FM band. The audience can hear its transmission through its official website and link page. Its programming consists of Christian religious programs. The basic values upon which has set are Trust in divine providence, Marian spirituality, Fidelity to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, The Missionary Spirit, and Volunteering. The transmission is airing in the French language.

Programs of Radio Maria Congo FM 105.6

National Rosary, Bokolongono Bwa Nzoto, Out of Sight, Maria Music, Muana Yoka Toli, The Day of The Lord, Teaching Maria, Mass in French, Here Is My Problem, Lingala Mass, Let’s Pray for Sunday, Fench Africa, Workers’ Health, Vatican Radio, Sport Maria, Song Requested, Woman Area, Peace of Christ, Carm, Catechesis, Church and Health, Team Manager, Divine Mercy, Media Education, Mibeko Mya Ekolo, Echoes of Lay Ministers, Holy Face, Getting to know Marie, Call for Vocations, Canonical File, and Liturgy of the Word.

Radio Maria Congo FM 105.6

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Address: Avenue OUA, n ° 4012, Municipality of Kintambo/Store, Kinshasa/DR Congo
Phone: +234 892 445 237/+243 822 712 859/+243 999 912 298
Official Website: