Radio Kivu FM 88.6

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Radio Kivu FM 88.6 is an online radio station that broadcasts its transmission from Goma Africa DR Congo. FM went in the air first time on December 12, 2008. Listeners can hear its transmission in 88.6 MHz frequency on the FM band. The basic features are the production of magazines for the training of people. It provides education, news, and entertaining programs for the whole world. It has an association with people and their authorities. The transmission is air in the English and French languages. The audience can easily hear its programs through its official websites, Facebook, and Twitter.

On-Air Staff of Radio Kivu FM 88.6

Magloire Paluku is performing his duty as an employer on this FM.

Radio Kivu FM 88.6

Contact Details

Address: Caritas Clinic Building – 2nd floor, Goma, Congo.
Phone: +234 99 02 62 084
Official Website:

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