BIG FM Hyderabad


Big FM is a radio network in India. This radio has listened in all over India including Hyderabad. People of Hyderabad love to listen and enjoy big FM 92.7. This channel is famous for its music collection and format of programming. This channel provides twenty-four-hour services through a radio transmitter. One can also enjoy this radio on the internet.

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History of 92.7 BIG FM Hyderabad:

Big FM started its first radio channel in September 2011. In no time they spread this radio network in all India.
Owner: Reliance Broadcast Network Limited is the owner of this network.
Mission: This radio has a clear mission and vision. All the content broadcasted at this channel is based on vision. They aim to bring positive change in the community. Their mission is to use the power of voice for change.

92.7 BIG FM
Slogan: ” Dhun Badal ke Dikhao” is the slogan of this radio. Their slogan is the sign that one can not tune to any other channel. Once someone listens to this channel, then it will be their favourite channel.
Language: They provide programming in different languages but mostly in Hindi.
Genre: Pop music/music.
Frequency: The broadcast frequency is FM 92.7 Mhz.

Format of Programming:

The main focus of the programs is on providing inspirational content to the listeners. Their listeners can learn a lot through this channel. It is a source to influence their lives. The speciality of this radio is that it is the first FM for deaf people. This is the most popular and award-winning channel in Hyderabad. They deliver the message even though entertainment and music.

Famous Radio Jockeys:

The following are some famous RJ at Big FM Hyderabad.

1) RJ Karish: His show is famous due to his bond with a cohost. They both exchange their reviews on different topics related to media and entertainment. In this show, they play games with their audience and engage them in their program. It is also a source of information about movie updates and local happenings.

2) RJ Shekhar: He is one of the most energetic RJ. He makes evening joyful and energetic. His show is full of music, games and fun.

3) RJ Archana: She is one of the famous RJ. People of Hyderabad love to start their morning with her voice. Her show is a source to connect listeners with god. She provides knowledge and guidelines of daily living from the Geetha (Holly Book of Hindu). There is a segment in which she shares the predictions of a daily zodiac sign. If someone wants to know about the famous temples of India, he can gain all the information through her show.

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Contact Details:

Address of station: ABC center Tresories, The Park, Raj Bhawan Road, Somajignda, Hyderabad, India.
Contact Number: 040 678 179 27, 092 466 720 81.
Official Website: