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This channel belongs to All India Radio which is the largest national station network. All India stations targets 99.19 per cent of the population and 90 per cent area of India. They have 277 stations across the country and broadcast in 23 languages. In 1947 at the time of Independence, there were only 6 AIR radio stations and one of them was AIR Madras (recent Chennai). This channel has played an important role in the independence campaign. From 2003 it is branded as “FM Gold” and “FM Rainbow” to maintain identity in public. Chennai FM Rainbow channel is serving the people of Chennai from 82 years.

History of Chennai FM Rainbow

The governor of then Madras (recent Chennai), H.E Lord Erskin inaugurated this radio station on 16 June 1938. This was 4th All India Radio station in the subcontinent. It came into being on independent bases with 250 W medium wave. Initially, it started 3-hour daily radio transmission. On 23 July 1977, it was turned into FM channel.

Chennai Rainbow 101.4

The programs of an AIR Chennai were included in 20 radio satellite channels in Direct to Home (DTH) platform in 2004. AIR Madras started “Farm and Home” unit on two Oct 1977. The purpose was to promote the Green Revolution in India. It uses Tamil language as a broadcasting language; some programs are also in Hindi and English language. They work on basis of motto “Bahujan Hitaya, Bahujan Sukhaya”.


Chennai FM Rainbow¬†channel is serving people of Chennai since long. It is the most listened channel in the city, and have an impact on the daily life of its listeners. The team on the station is highly professional and organized. Programs are based on education, information, entertainment, music and culture. It is an authentic and major source of news in the city. It broadcasts all news related national to international affairs’. AIR Chennai also organizes many events from time to time and won multiple awards.

Contact Details

Address: All India Radio, #7 kamrajarsalai, Mylapore, Chennai India
Phone: 094 440 19160
Fax: STD- 044, 24995877

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