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Radio Vishnu 90.4 is a famous radio network in Kovvada, Andhra Pradesh, India. It was established in the Vishnu Education Society Campus on 15 April 2007. It operates in almost 35 villages in India. Most of these villages depend upon Agriculture, The cultivation of plants, and Handcrafts. Its establishment purpose is to give voice to the voiceless.

Format Of Programming of Radio Vishnu 90.4

The format is to identify skillful ones with their hands and ask them to give related talks on the radio. But unfortunately, such people don’t get many opportunities to feel free and happy to talk when invited.

Radio Vishnu 90.4 FM


The students develop most of the programs on the radio, mostly on social issues. A variety of organized programs mix entertainment, education, social, and community services. Women participate in radio programs where they talk about Health, Beauty, Child care, Education, etc. Schoolchildren give programs on folk and light music. Children also recite poems in Telugu, Sanskrit, Hindi, and English. Awareness about traffic rules and great personalities are part of the show. Community people involve themselves in all live programs by asking questions to the experts of various fields. Shows are informative, educational, and entertaining. Such programs benefit all the listeners by understanding various things that cause problems in their daily lives. The most appreciated program is “Aharam.”

Contact Details

Address: Kovvada, Andhra Pradesh India
Phone: +91-9866749444, 9849782622
Official Website:

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