NETH FM 94.8


NETH FM is the first private radio station airing its live transmission from Colombo, Sri Lanka. The station’s main aim is to encourage positive values, provide healthy entertainment, updated and accurate news, and informative programs on various concepts. The program format is family/children and youth education, information, entertainment, fashion, and music shows. Neth FM runs its programming by using 94.8 MHz frequency in the Sinhala language. It’s the main focus on children’s programs with the purpose of creating a mindset of caring and loving families. It is very conscious about its audience’s demands and choice, so for keeping them happy and getting good feedback, its on-air playlists continually. From all over the world people can also listen to Neth FM live via online streaming.

Presenters of NETH FM 94.8:

NU1, Manoj, Waruna, Lakshitha, Anne, Sachini, Sameera, Kasuni, Suresh, Darshana, and Tharaka are the honorable and talented presenters of the station.

NETH FM 94.8


බැලුම්ගල – 6:45 AM to 7: 45 PM
The show contains content against fraud and corruption in society.

සිත් නෙත් අසපුව
A special show on the solution to problems that arise in the community and culture.

රිදී නිම්නය
An introductory show of artists and audiences can also talk to them.

පුංචි සෙනසුරාදා
A program that guides children to a happy education and guides parents on how to support their children’s education.

කලබල පැංචා
It is a particular program designed for young children to be creative, present, develop knowledge, and be updated about the world.

පිරිත් මණ්ඩපය
ධර්ම දක්‍ෂිණා This is a Dhamma sermon that is held for one hour to extinguish the energies of Nirmala Buddhism.

පහන් කන්ද
It is a sacred blessing that brings relief to live’s misery and brings prosperity and good luck to the home, the place of business.

ලක්‍ෂපති IQ
It is a program that allows contestants to become a millionaire by learning common knowledge and to add new knowledge to other listeners.

This is the first and only program in Sri Lanka that has radioed the fantastic creations and ideas that are spreading across the social networks of Facebook, far away from most people’s fingertips.

දේදුණු මාවත
A fun, light-hearted program aimed at homemakers, listeners can win Re-Loads by having fun games here.

A comedy program that touches on current events and politics that will ease the busyness of the morning and take the day off with a spirited start.

පුංචි උදෑසන
It is a hands-on program designed to help children learn their voices before they go to school.

Neth FM News:
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