Radio Mithila 100.8 FM


Radio Mithila is a broadcast radio station based in Janakpur, Nepal. It began to broadcast its transmission in February 2007. It is the first FM station that started its programming in the Mithila language. This channel targets more than ten million people from Mithila and India. It has more than 150 thousand songs in the computer library in Hindi, Nepali, and Bhojpuri.

It broadcasts community news, information, talk shows, and music. Mithila FM airs its transmission on 100.8 MHz frequency with 1000 watt capacity and has two well-equipped studios. This channel plays news after every hour, along with the broadcast of BBC Hindi and Nepali service.

Radio Mithila 100.8 FM

The presenters of the radio are highly skilled and professional, and radio preferred those who have experienced more than one year in the radio field within the country or abroad. It also provides a good time for people in business to promote their trade, and it helps to assist in the development of their businesses. It got tremendous response from listeners via social media and other contacts for their outstanding performance. Its call sign is Apan Mithila, Apan Sanskriti.

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Contact Details:

Address: Bhanu Chowk, Janakpurdham, Nepal
Contact Numberr+977-41525108/525109
Fax: +977-41-525110
Email ID:
Official Website: