Smooth Jazz Mix New York

Smooth Jazz Mix New York

Smooth Jazz Mix New York is an online radio station. It is known as the ‘beautiful music’ station in New York. The first Jazz radio station is in New York WRVR-FM which was developed in 1976. They focused on reviving the tradition of songs and peoples’ love for them. Jazz music has a history of Latin American black people, as this is their traditional song.

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History of Smooth Jazz Mix New York:

It is a free internet radio service for all. Its owner is Dave Koz. Their focus is that we have to stop complaining that what had happened, come up and starts a new day, say Hello to tomorrow. Their purpose is to revive the old Jazz music and to tell people the importance of Jazz music that has been lost. It is known as the conveyer of the thoughts of people at some position and claim for the rights.

Smooth Jazz Mix New York

Famous Programs:

Their outstanding programs that people heard the most are adult commentary music, urban AC, and cool jazz brunch show on Sunday mornings. Notable songs that people heard again are nightfall, mysterious, here for you, the king is here, static in the attic, euge one-oh-one, back to life, happy go lucky, I say, as long as we’re both together, you are not alone, into the light, blues for Jeff, cab driver, riders on the storm, all I need, if you feel it, poetry man, my summer love, winters end, goin’ up, tidal wave, Juliet, do it baby, my good things, 7th heaven, best part, artbeat, say you will, how sweet it is (to be loved by you) and many more.

Target Listeners:

This radio is in NY, which is best known as the city that never sleeps. It targeted people as they are called as the most alive and joyful people. They keep people in contact with all old and new songs.


Its competitors are Global radio (KJAZ.db). It is considered to be as the first global radio that plays all types of smooth and relaxing music. It is the first radio station that promotes audio as well as visual representations that promotes the sense of emotionality in people. WBGO is also the competitor as it is the radio station of iHeart radio. NJ’s and NY’s most heard radio station.

Famous Presenters:

Its famous presenters are Doug Jones, Kim Waters, Drivetime, Joe McBride, Carl Harris Jr, Gary Metz, Norman Brown, Chris Standring, Euge Groove, Aneessa, Paul Hardcastle, Urbanity, Michael Franks, Maysa, Into the light, Paul Brown, Acoustic Alchemy, Mark Harris II, Don Henley, Ken Navarro, Riley Richard, Ronny Jordan, Jonathan Butler, Pieces of a dream, Carol Duboc, Earl Klugh, Skinny Hightower, Peter White, Steve Oliver, Rhythm and Jazz Collection, U-Nam, Lebron, Nick Colionne, and many more.

Contact Details:

Its contact details are: