Radio Maria

Radio Maria

Shkoder County, Tirana, Albania is the location of Radio Maria. Its frequency is 102.2 MHz FM. They are famous for promoting Christian teaching. They are promoting Catholic’s information, education.

Sister Stations in Albania:

Tirana, Durres FM 91.4, Lezha FM 89.6, and for north-eastern Albania and part of Kosovo FM 90.

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History of Radio Maria 102.2 FM:

This radio station was first aired in 2003. FM 102.2 format is Catholic. Its owner is nonprofit religious organization, Associazione Radio Maria. Its sister radio stations are Radio Vaticana. FM 102.2 broadcast is worldwide. Their focus tends to promote spiritual assistance, so people should not forget the sacrifices of Jesus Christ.

Radio Maria

Target Listeners:

It tends to promote religious teachings among the people of Tirana, Albania. They impart Catholic information among people and revive Christianity among people of all ages.


Its biggest competitor is Radio 7 FM 97.7. It is a religious radio station that focuses on Christianity and the Gospel. They preach the Bible teachings among people and focuses them and urges them to move toward religion. They also provide Christian music and have the best presenters such as Jona is Krash, Shijoje Jeten Cido Dete, Dr. Michael.

Famous Catholic Songs:

The famous Catholic songs played by it are Above all by Michael W. Smith, Ave Maria by Celine Dion, One Bread, One Body by John Michael Talbot, Celtic Alleluia by Christopher Walker, Blest Are They by David Haas, You Are Mine by Davis Haas, Unless a Grain of Wheat by Bernadette Farrell, Wounded Healer by Audrey Assad, Take, Lord, Receive by St. Louis Jesuits, Your Love Defends Me by Matt Maher, and Creation by Marty Haugen.

Contact Details:

Address: Rr. Papa Gjon Pali II Nr. 4, Fushe Kercik, Babrru, Pashkuqan – Tirane
Telephone (Studio): +355 445 30333
Fax: +355 22 255 912
Administration email: