Gabz FM 96.2


Gabz FM 96.2 is one of the popular radio channels in Botswana. It broadcasts through radio transmitter from Gaborone (the capital city of Botswana). Listeners of this channel are mostly from Gaborone and many from other cities of Botswana. This radio channel also provides live broadcast to seven other populated, most developed, and economically active cities of this country.

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Program Format of Gabz FM 96.2:

On the internet, it gives 24-hour online service so that one can access this radio from all over the world. On this radio, you can listen to social issues, economic trends, political issues, national and international news. This channel is a source of information, knowledge, and entertainment. They aim to keep their listeners updated and energetic. They address people of all ages. People enjoy the music selection of this channel and enjoy the programs on different topics.

Gabz FM 96.2

Language of Gabz FM 96.2: The language of its programming is English.
Genre: Its genre is Adult hits.

Major Programs:

This radio channel provides programs on different topics. Some programs are for entertainment purposes like music and dance shows, and some programs are for information and knowledge purpose to keep their listeners updated. Topics of programs based on social issues, talk shows, economic trends, music, business, and politics. In following is the list of some popular programs of Gabz FM.

Farmers Diary:

This program on-air every Thursday from 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM. Neo Skillo Aabobe is the host of this program. This program on-air for 60 minutes. The purpose of this program is to inform farmers about modern methods of agriculture through which they produce more is less time. On this show, professionals are invited to discuss farming methods. Many topics related to farming are discussed in this show like the effect of weather, climate changes, international agricultural policies, and market trends.

Business Hour:

Cathy Malejane is the presenter of this show. This program airs every Wednesday from 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM. This program aims to provide information about the economy of the country and to develop business interests.

Boom Boom Room:

It is broadcasted on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 AM to 02:00 PM. Drew Chadhal is the presenter of this show. This program is all about music and entertainment. On this show, creative and young people are invited who share their stories of hard work and success. It helps to motivate young listeners. The host of this show is also Botswana’s electro-dance, music, and visual art activist.

The Crowd Mover:

This program is a music show. TCM is the host of this program. Every Saturday you can listen to it.

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Contact Details:

Location of the radio station: Floor 2, Beta Hse Old Lobatse road private Bag BO319, Gaborone.
Contact number: +267 317 09 05
Studio Line : 395 6962
SMS : 14962
E-mail address:
Official website: