Arakozia FM 90.3

Arakozia FM

Arakozia FM 90.3 has the pride of being 1st talk bar radio station of Afghanistan. It is a 24-hour first leading Afghan talk radio station. It was established in October 2010, to grant Pashtun communities with modern information that links up with their daily life and needs, health and social life as well as civil and governance society. This radio station arrives 1.5 million Afghans mainly in the Pashto-speaking straps of Southern and Eastern Afghanistan. “Arakozia”, the traditional name of the area that is now shaped Southern and Eastern Afghanistan is accessible on 90.3 FM. The radio association offers rustic and isolated Pashtun communities.

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Arakozia radio played a very vital role in promoting the Pashto language. This station spread the Pashto music entertainment and “Pashto” culture around the country. The aim of this radio station is focusing on the discussions for the betterment of the community, and it has successfully provided the media access to the backward areas having limited access to media.

Arakozia FM 90.3

Main Information:

“Arakozia FM 90.3” is Live Online radio, that offers the live streaming to its listeners and its services are available for 24-hours. This Afghan talk Radio focuses on local and governmental issues as well as it broadcasts news, music, sports, poems, elections, agriculture and health programs for the people of Afghanistan to keep them up-to-date with their society and the world.
This FM radio presents many shows with different kind of daily discussions. That regular programs discussion also includes festivity of traditions and cultural values as well.

Services of Arakozia FM 90.3:

Arakozia FM also facilitates its audience with ‘talkback’ and ‘call-in’ services. That allows its listeners to talk directly with the governmental and political and religious leaders, and the health experts. As well as it provides a platform to its community to exchange their ideas and information with small business owners. Currently, it is only accessible for the significant Pashto-speaking communities of Afghanistan.
It is an Asian radio that helps the community to stay up to date with important local issues such as political affairs, tutoring, farming, establishment, voting, and fitness, etc.

Main Programs of the Station:

Following is the list of main programs;
People’s Voice, the purpose of this program is raising the Voice of people and encouraging them by sharing their stories of struggle and success with their community, and hence to give them confidence and believe in their selves.
100 Successful Women is a program that is working for the privilege of women. The purpose of this program is spreading awareness about the human and civil rights of women. Arakozia FM, through this program-shares 100 stories of successful women to give courage and bravery to Afghan women to make her own success story of life.
Andona, Godar, Da Zhowand Iara , Pa Sapo ke Marghalare, are some other Afghan traditional programs.

Main Hosts:

Names of the ‘Main Hosts’ of Arakozia radio station is listed as below;
Rezwan, Sadaf, Tamana Wahidi, Moh Asif Yoosfi, Sifat Samon, Alam gui Sahar are the famous RJs.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: +93 (0) 798903903