Radio Tebessa إذاعة تبسة FM 87.9 / 106.0


إذاعة الجزائرية إذاعة تبسة Radio Tebessa FM 87.9 / 106.0 is a general expression of Algerian Radio. Frequency 87.9 / 106.0 is an Algerian state-owned public broadcasting channel. It composes of genres, series, dynamics, and experience. The first time, it went on the air on 4 April 1995 and provided information and entertainment to the audience. The programs air in the Arabic language. However, the official page and all the information regarding the radio station are in the French language.

Features of Radio Tebessa إذاعة تبسة FM 87.9 / 106.0:

Radio Tebessa proposes programs on information, news, and live games on two frequencies 87.9 and 106.0. Its frequency runs on the FM band. The shows have mixed genres of music; however, mainly, the songs are in the Arabic language. There is a lot of information regarding news, current affairs, and facts. Listeners can enjoy the music dose along with weather forecasts and sports news. The listeners of this frequency can listen to their favorite shows through a live stream on the official website and Facebook to avoid any nuisance and distortion.

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إذاعة الجزائرية إذاعة تبسة FM 87.9 / 106.0

Contact Details:

Address: 21, Bd des martyrs 16000 Algiers, Algeria
Phone: +213 37 55 08 08 & +213 37 59 20 20
Official Website: