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Radio Mattoli is the famous and the only radio station in Wayanand District of Kerala state India. Wayanand Social Service Society in Kerala State established FM on 1st June 2009. It is a Community Service Radio which got a license from the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The basic aim of the radio is to reach marginalized communities. It is famous by the name of Nammada Mattoli (our Mattoli) amongst listeners. Mattoli means (echo/reverberation) in the local languages of Wayanand. It now covers almost 85 percent of Wayanand District. It is a shining example of providing information in those remote areas where excess is not that easy.

Mission of Radio Mattoli Wayanand:

The radio’s mission is to provide socioeconomic information to society and cover the gap between government and Agriculture dependent communities. The target of the radio is mostly the marginalized section. Such people don’t get many chances to express themselves, their social lives, and their culture. Radio Mattoli provides a platform for such people. So they can individually develop themselves and their surroundings.

Radio Mattoli 90.4 FM


It has various programs that are broadcasted in different tribal languages of Wayanand. It is spreading a large amount of information that is well cherished across the Wayanand Hills. As the literacy rate of Wayanand is the lowest in the whole of Kerala. Therefore most of the programs address farmers to facilitate them and their concerns. Programs like Njattuvela, Kambolanilavaram, and Vayalnadu spread the knowledge of Agriculture, Market values of products and Weather updates, etc.

It gets on board with experts from government authorities; they familiarise farmers with the new organic farming methods, Dairy farming, Precision farming, etc. Thudichetam is another program that broadcasts the problems of the people within their tribes. Radio listens to their problems and suggests remedies in their local language so they can understand easily. This program even added more love amongst the people for the radio.

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Contact Details:

Address: Dwaraka, Nalloornadu PO, Manathavady, Wayanand Dt, Kerala 670645
Phone: 04935 242008
Mobile: +91 9446034422
Fax: 04935 240066
Official Website: