Radio Didi Bahini FM 95.2


Radio Didi Bahini is a community radio channel that serves Parbat, Kusma, Nepal. The FM is owned and operated by women to enhance the capacity of women and empower them through meaningful participation in radio activities. It broadcast its transmission on 95.2 MHz frequency in the Nepali language. The primary grounds of the channel is to provide informatively, updated, and engaging content that keeps listeners entertaining. The station brings innovation in the communication sector; that’s why it focused on four districts by geographical perspective: Parbat, Baglung, Myagdi, and Mustang.

It offers a third form of broadcasting that includes commercial and public service. The program’s content relevant to a local and specific audience; therefore, it serves particular communities. The program, based on culture, points out local issues and activities, music, and other informative shows. It also gives the opportunity to the general public to tell their stories and experiences because it believes that the communities drive radio. It works with the slogan of “The Power of Engagement.”

Radio Didi Bahini FM 95.2

Programs of Radio Didi Bahini FM 95.2:

The main and famous shows of the FM are नेपाली लोकदोहरी गीत, खबर अपडेट, नेपाली सैनिक प्रोग्राम, बाल, कार्यक्रम, पप टाइम, दिदीबहिनीसँग मनका कुरा, नेपाली पप सङ्ग.


The most listened presenters of the station are सुनिता पाैडेल, दुर्गा शर्मा, सुमी दर्लामी.

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Contact Details:

Address: Kusma, Parbat, Nepal
Contact Details: 067421198
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Official Website: