RNZ National


RNZ is a National radio station of New Zealand. RNZ stands for Radio New Zealand. Established in 2007, it started working as a non-commercial station. RNZ is a publicly funded station which RNZ itself operates. The English language is the primary medium of communication that the station uses. But some content also broadcasts in Māori language that is the local language of New Zealand. News, Arts, Music, and Culture are the formats of the network. RNZ Concert is the sister station of the network. RNZ National airs on both AM and FM band.

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Major Programming and RJs of RNZ National:

Most of the programming of the station includes news programs. News updates, Current affairs, Magazine-style programs on several topics, and Midnight News are major productions that keep running throughout the day. The news productions feature main headlines, weather updates, interviews, voice reports, and news bulletins. Some of the news shows also include rural and Māori news, Sports news, traffic updates, newspaper headlines, and business news. Guyon Espiner and Susie Ferguson cohost interviews of newsmakers, reporters, critics, and correspondents.

RNZ National

Nine to Noon:

The Panel, Checkpoint, and Nights are also significant shows. Saturday Morning, Sunday Morning, and Morning Report are breakfast shows. Among these shows, Nine to Noon is the most famous three-hour long show. It presents interviews of newsmakers, experts, reviewers, authors, comedians, artists, correspondents, and critics. Kathryn Ryan is a host of the show.


Jesse Milligan hosts Magazine-style programs of RNZ at afternoon. Reeling in the Years, the Best Song Ever Written, and Your Call New Zealand are some of the popular magazine-style programs. A live performance segment that is called New Zealand Live is also part of magazine-style programs. Kelle Howson, Phil O’Brien and Simon Morris are hosts of music programs. Wayne Mowat broadcasts a show, ‘In Touch with New Zealand.’ Bryan Crump airs music programs at night since 2005. He is also a newsreader in the evening since 2016. Vicki McKay is a host of overnight programs and airs varieties of magazine programs. Kim Hill and Mark Cubey are the producers of Saturday Morning magazine shows. The timeslot between shows features repeat programs.

BBC World Service:

The Strand, Discovery, The Forum, Digital Planet, and World Business Report are those programs that are the production of BBC world service. On Saturdays and Sundays, broadcasting at the station starts with pre-recorded programs. These two pre-recorded programs include Children’s story and Country Life. Chris Laidlaw hosts these two hours pre-recorded shows on Sunday. Wallace Chapman and Christine Cessford broadcast an entertainment show on Sunday. This entertainment program features interviews, documentaries, and music from 07:10 to 12:30.

Competitors of RNZ National:

George FM, Iwi Radio Network, Life FM, Magic, Mai FM, and Mix are the competitor stations of RNZ.

Contact Details:

Postal Address: Radio New Zealand House, 155 The Terrace, P O Box 123, Wellington 6140
Phone Number for general information: +64 4 474 1999 (all general enquiries)
Phone Number: (04) 474 1999
On Air SMS: 2101
Official Website: https://www.rnz.co.nz
For general inquiries and to give Feedback, email at rnz@rnz.co.nz
Another Email Id: rnz@radionz.co.nz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/radionz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RadioNewZealand
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/radionewzealand/