Peace FM


Peace FM is an Acra based radio station. It is not only a broadcasting radio station but also a content company. With the passage of time, it appeared as the most popular multimedia company.
It broadcasts the most popular programs in Ghana. The location of the station is Acra, Ghana. It adopts the Twi language for broadcasting to entertain and make the listeners aware of all updates. The Twi language is a local variety of the Akan language that people of southern and central Ghana speaks. It targets all people living in Ghana.

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It airs the programming on 104.3 MHz frequency. FM 104.3 offers news and online radio services along with audio on demand. It has the affiliation of the network, Despite Group of Companies that owns it. The slogan of this most-listened radio station is ‘The Station with A Vision.’

Format and Programs:

Peace FM airs a wide variety of formats. These formats include news, sports, business news, and talk. It features local, national, and international news. The talk shows discuss current affairs, information, events, and activities of the community. Besides these contents, the radio network also broadcasts Politics, Music, and Culture. The focus of Peace FM is on Entertainment, News Politics, and Sports format.

Peace FM 104.3

Peace FM exists for years airing the programs in the local language of Ghana. Kokrookoo and Entertainment Review are the most popular programs that air online on the demand of listeners. It airs African entertainment and interviews to enlighten the targeted audience.

History and Achievement of Peace FM:

Peace FM appeared in Ghana in 1999. It is an award-winning radio network of Ghana. The people of Ghana consider it a leading station that offers 24 hours of broadcasting every day. In 2018, Geo Poll researched to get audience ratings for the stations of Ghana. They found Peace FM as the second wide-listened radio station of Ghana.
Competitors of the Station:
There are many competitors to the station. Few of them are Joy FM 99.7, Okay FM 101.7, Asempa FM 94.7, Atlantis Radio 87.9, and Green FM 88.5

CITI FM 97.3

Contact Details:

Address: Abeka Junction, Accra, Ghana
Phone: +233 (0)302-257903, +233 (0)302-257908, +233 (0)302-406669, +233 (0)302-406767
Official Website: