Catholic Radio 89.7 FM


Catholic Radio 89.7 FM belongs to St.John’s Antigua and Barbuda. The frequency of the radio is 89.7 MHz FM. Catholic radio does its broadcast in the English language. It also broadcasts its programming through live streaming. The Catholic Church of Diocese established the radio. It is situated at Micheal’s Mount in Antigua and Barbuda.

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Format of Catholic Radio 89.7 FM:

This Christian radio airs live music-oriented shows, talk shows, Holy Mass, News updates, religious and cultural aspects for St.John’s people. The Catholic radio takes live calls during live shows and listens to people’s questions. Church volunteers, bishops, etc. host the shows of the Catholic radio.

Catholic Radio 89.7 FM


It was established to develop people’s faith more on Christianity. This station tries to create a strong bond between the people and God. It shows people the important aspects of religion(Catholic), culture, values, and manners.


It does 24-hour broadcasting throughout the week. There are a lot of programs which radio airs but some of them are here

Monday programming:

“Saint of the day at 7 am, Morning talk at 9:30, Angelus at 12 noon, Afternoon talk at 4:30, Words of wisdom and understanding, Praise and worship at 8 pm and many others.

Tuesday Programming:

It airs programs on Tuesday is “Angelus at 6 am, Saint of the day at 9 am, Morning talk at 9:35, Daily bread at 12:30, Chaplet of divine mercy at 15:00, Sharing the world at 17:30, Oldies Goldies at 8 pm and many others.

Wednesday Programming:

“Rosary-Glorius Mysteries at 7:30 am, Sharing the word at 9 am, Joyful mysteries at 1:30 pm, Evening prayer at 6, People’s choice at 8.

Thursday Programming:

“Luminus mysteries at 7:30 am, morning talk at 9, Angelus at 12 noon, daily bread at 4 pm, Words of wisdom and understanding at 6:35, romantic moods at 8 pm.

Friday Programming:

“Angelus at 6 am, sorrowful mysteries at 7:30 am, Saint of the day at 9 am, Afternoon talk at 4:30, Oldies goldies at 8 pm, Evening talk at 10:35”.

Saturday Programming:

It includes programs like “Catholic SKN at 10 am, Chaplet of divine mercy at 3 pm, Saint of the day at 4 pm, Encuentro con Cristo at 5 pm, Easy side of Saturday at 7 pm”.

Sunday Programming:

It includes programs like “Gospel to life at 7 mornings, Holy Mass at 8 am, Sunday connections at 1 pm, Catholic SKN at 5 evenings, Holy Mass at 7 -repeat”.

Famous Hosts:

Fr.George Williams, Jo Anne Richards, M&B Mason are the hosts of radio.

Radio Rogers

Contact Details:

Address: Michael’s Mount, P.O. Box 836, St. John’s, Antigua
Phone: (268) 5626868
Official Website: