House of Arts

House of Arts

House of Arts 107.7 FM is a European radio station. It belongs to the Capital of the Albania. The station was established in 2003, and till now it is providing its services to its audience. It has 107.7 MHz FM frequency. The name “House of Arts” has many things in it that is why the name “House of Arts” was given to it. There are different projects which are involved in this house like Resturants, night clubs, radio, security services, etc. People find many opportunities there and visit this place. The 107.7 FM started work with ABC radio of New York and played its best music. The sound of your day is its slogan.

Currently, live streaming is not available for this station.

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Features of House of Arts 107.7 FM:

It does its best in the audiovisual broadcasting platform. It is famous for Fast or Hip Hop music world. Especially the young people have the trend of listening to it. It plays songs of all types like jazz, classical, rock, dance and most famous hip hop. These songs relax people’s mind, makes them more energetic, increases their happiness, and reduces their depression. FM 107.7 is a “Commercial channel.” People can advertise their trade by live streaming of the House of Arts. It also broadcasts the most famous private companies name and airs their services.

House of Arts


It airs most famous songs, especially hip hop music. It also offers foreign singers to come on their shows and show their talent to the world. The Albanian people are also fond of listening to other countries music. It airs top universal/foreign songs for the choice of their audience. Hip Hop lovers enjoy all the songs which it plays. It has very advanced technology in their station. The channel has separate broadcasting studio, assembly hall, a separate place for the anchors and DJs. The DJs not only play the best music for the audience but also informs them about current affairs, World News, and airs different adds.

Contact Details:

Cell Phone no: 069 7087923
Telephone no: +355 697087923
Physical Address: Bul D. Nation Tower 2, First Floor