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ABC NewsRadio is an Australian radio network that serves 24 hours a day. Australian Broadcasting Corporation owns and manages ABC News (formal name ABC News Radio). Its availability is across Australia on AM/FM radio, TV, and online. Launched on August 15, 1994, its original name was Parliamentary and News Network (PNN). It took the name PNN because it was responsible for airing the live proceedings of Parliament. It broadcasted the live proceeding of the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the live transmission of the standing orders. At the end of every day, it recorded the Question Time for the chamber. This recording does not go live but broadcasts the next day. This limitation is not for other broadcasts of News Radio.

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Callsigns of the network

It always uses xPB as its call letters on AM band. Incall letters, ‘xPB,’ x stands for the number referring territory and particular state. ‘PB’ denotes the Parliamentary Broadcasting. On the other hand, on FM band, callsigns for the stations are xPNN. ‘Know the story’ is the slogan of this radio network.

ABC NewsRadio

History ABC NewsRadio:

On July 10, 1946, the Government of Ben Chifley started parliamentary broadcasting on ABC News Radio. PNN received and used its frequency for broadcasting in the 1980s. In August 1994, it got the permission to use the frequencies of Parliamentary broadcasting. It was the frequency that was free when there was not any session of Parliament. On August 15, 1994, it went on air with the name Parliamentary and News Network (PNN). ABC decided to switch the branding ABC NewsRadio and ABC News 24 to ABC News on April 10, 2017. In September 2001, the station started the live streaming on the Internet.


It uses a news format 24-hours a day. Its programming features extended talk shows on finance, science, and IT reports. It also broadcasts extensive reports collected from the local and international news sources of ABC. International programming that BBC, DW-Radio, and Radio Netherlands broadcast, ABC rebroadcasts it. Besides these international programming, It also airs matches of the Australian Football League on both AM and FM radio. It also presents the matched New South Wales and Queensland on weekends. The network also takes resources from BBC for news bulletins and programs.

Major Shows and Notable Hosts

Daily programs and their hosts include following;
Sandy Aloisi hosts: ‘Breakfast with Sandy Aloisi’ at 5:30 am to 9 am
‘Mornings with Ali Crew’ starts at 9 am and continues till noon.
‘All Things Considered from NPR’ goes on air at noon to1 pm.
Laura Tchilinguirian airs ‘Afternoons with Laura Tchilinguirian’ from 1 pm to 4 pm.
Glen Bartholomew broadcasts ‘Drive with Glen Bartholomew’ from 4 pm to 7 pm.
Weekends hosts with their shows are following;
Fiona Ellis-Jones hosts ‘Weekend Breakfast with Fiona Ellis-Jones’
Mike Gardiner airs ‘Weekend Mornings with Mike Gardiner’
Mandy Presland with co-host Clive Hunton broadcasts ‘Weekend Afternoons.’

Contact Information

Contact No.; 13 9994
Mailing Address: ABC NewsRadio, PO Box 9994, Australia.
Official Website: