MCN Radio

MCN Radio

MCN Radio is a broadcasting southeast European radio station. It on airs its programs from Tirana, Albania. Its frequency is 103.1MHz FM. There are so many programs of different variety which MCN radio on airs. The radio airs its programs in Albanian yet plays some songs in other dialects of the country. In past it was known as “ Radio Alsat” it was a part of TV Aslat. But now it has its own separate identity.

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Program Format of MCN Radio:

It is famous for Hip Hop Music. This infotainment station airs different programs like talk shows, Music, News, current affairs, discuss politics. The DJs entertain people through their funny talks. FM 103.1 is known as “White House of Hip Hop Musicf”. The radio airs Adult contemporary and universal pop music. It also plays top 40 songs of Albania music world.

MCN Radio


Music lovers listen to it with compassion. It causes people to relax their mind and know about the variety of music. The listeners believe that music has no language but solely feelings. It airs different songs which people can relate to their emotions. The songs make lazy people more energetic, motivated, happy, and reduce their rigidity. The Albanian people are very fond of their programs and songs because the it plays songs according to the choice of their people.

Famous DJs:

DJ Mr. Rez is the one who plays Music like hip-hop, dancehall, reggae, on each Saturday and Sunday. He is famous as the best DJ in the town. He is very energetic and cares for the choice of his audience. DJ Madnula holds program and plays songs according to the choice of the listeners.

Major Programs:

7 to 10 morning Hangover, 10 am daily hit , 10:03-11 am Shipshop, 11 to 12 noon New school, 12 -1 pm Metro, 13:00-14:00 Dedication, 14:00-15:00 MCN classic, 3 to 4 roots of culture, 4 to 6 evening Sunset Boulevard, 6 to 7 evening My Disc, 7 to 8 Metro(rt), 8 to 9 MCN Classics, 9 to 10 Roots of culture. At the beginning of every hour, the radio plays “Daily Hits” for 3 minutes. And usually, the next program starts from 4th minute of the hour.

Most Favorite Songs:

There are a lot of songs which this channel airs like Fotzen, Jeder Menier Freunde, Haifisch, quelli Che benpensano, Pedala, Black widow ft Rita ora, Messerstecherei, etc. and many others. It often plays albums of different singers like Bushido Sony Black, Azalea, Maitre Gims, Rick Rose Mastermind, etc.


There are some other stations which are the competitors of 103.1 FM like Zhelina, Vati, Viciana, Vicianum, and Pendimi Radios, etc.

Contact Details:

Address: ALBANAN SCREEN Radio & Television, Rr.”SIRI KODRA”, Nd. 185, H 1, Njësia Bashkiake Nr.9, Kodi Postar 1017.