Radio Luanda


Radio Luanda is part of Radio Nacional de Angola (RNA). This radio is established in Luanda the capital of Angola. The frequency of the station is 99.9 MHz. It broadcasts the programs in the Portuguese language.

Format of Radio Luanda:

It airs world-famous music, Portuguese songs, News updates, talk shows, educational events, weather updates, art, and cultural shows, etc. The 99.9 FM broadcasts 24/7 hours and is always open.
Slogan: The slogan of the radio is “Sintonia de Kianda.”

Radio Luanda

Programming of the Station:

The station airs different musical programs named “Musical frenzy, Big city show, Friends club, Emission split, Africa program, Bue Buere Bue, Wave of joy, Blue Saturday, Past travel” etc. These are based on the world and African music.

Other non-musical programs which this station airs are “Live the night, Good morning Luanda, Balumuka, Kaluanda Plo, Klalumingo, Jolly informational, Jovial city, End of good morning, Klandando” etc.

Contact Details:

Physical Address: Rua Cmdte Gika, CP 1329, Luanda, Angola
Phone Number: +244 2 321 258
Official Website:

Click here if you like to listen to RNA Canal A