British Comedy 1


British Comedy 1 is a non-profit broadcasting station. It broadcasts from England, Britain and covers the whole of Great Britain. It is affiliated with ROK Classic Radio Network. From the past many years, it has been airing the best humorous dramas of British. In 2002, it began its transmission from ROK House, UK. It selects the English language for communication in the programming.

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Slogan and Format of British Comedy 1

The best of British Comedy all day long is the slogan of the network. Its slogan reflects its format, scheduling, and broadcasting area. It airs the Comedic programming 24 hours a day throughout the week.
There are several kinds of comical dramas found on media. This channel takes scripts from those comedies and broadcasts them. These dramas feature situational Comedy, humor, mockery, and burlesque, etc. These comedies include farcical and unrealistic elements. The content of all the programming of the station is based on Comedy. Only a few sound effects and production of some easy dialogue are the requirements of such comedies. Broadcasting of such programming consumes the small budget.

British Comedy


Nostalgia and Comedy are genres of the channel. The station airs fabulous comic shows that attract a large audience. Some of the notable shows are Round the Horne, the Goon, and Selwyn Froggitt, etc. The Clitheroe Kid, Men from the Ministry and ISIHAC, are also most listened shows. Steptoe & Son, Dad’s Army, King Street Junior, and The Glums are also catching the attention of large listeners.


It competes with several competitor broadcasting networks such as Skyline, Luxygalaxy, etc. These also include Free Radio Black Country, 101.8 WCR FM, The Thread, and City FM. The list of a few of the competitors is the following: Serenity Sound (SSR), Big Venture, Free 80s, The Hubb UK, Rebels, City Line, and Signal 107.

Contact Details:

The station of British Comedy 1 is set in ROK House, Kingswood Business Park, Holyhead Road, Albrighton, Wolverhampton, England, WV7 3AU United Kingdom. You can contact via call at +44 1902 374896. You can listen online streaming of all the programming on the official website After visiting the website, click on Contact Us and provide the required information. You can ask any question and give feedback through this way. You may get back response within days.