Caribbean Beacon


Caribbean Beacon is a religious radio channel. Christians are the listeners of this channel as it is famous for the Christian talk, believes and teachings of Christianity. It also provides music and some other content to their listeners. It on-airs the programs related to the religious talk. The aim of this radio channel is to guide people according to the teachings of Christianity. This channel provides knowledge of the Holly Bible to the listeners and spreads the message of Christianity across the world.

Currently Streaming is not available.

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The message of Christianity:

Caribbean Beacon radio airs the message and ideology of Dr. Gene Scott and his wife, Pastor Melissa Scott. After his death, his wife Melissa Scott is broadcasting the teachings and messages of her husband. She considers him as her mentor, and she takes responsibility for her husband’s mission after his death. His programs are broadcasted in 180 countries and are globally well known Christian scholars.

Caribbean Beacon

Frequency: The frequency of this radio is FM 100.1 MHz.
Language: It broadcasts its transmission in English


Location: The Valley, Anguilla
Email Address:
Phone Number: +1 800 338 3030

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