Radio Anguilla


Radio Anguilla is the most popular radio channel among the people of Anguilla. It uses 95.5 frequency on the FM band to broadcasts it’s programming. This channel provides programming based on information, education, entertainment, music, news, and much more. It is a source of national and international news, weather updates, sports news, music. The programming language of this channel is English.

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Genres of FM 95.5:

Its Genre is Reggae music and it uses the slogan”the voice of choice”.
Radio Anguilla

Services of Radio Anguilla:

Follow are the services of this radio which distinguish this channel from others.
1) Radio Anguilla claims that they can handle all voice over needs of their audience. They have the best Vocalists.
2) FM 95.5 provides a studio recording service. After paying the fee, one can record their program, message, or announcement.
3) This channel is famous among the public because of its “Announcement segments.” They Announce job vacancies, death announcements, and public service announcements.

Programs of Radio:

Following is the list of weekly programs.
Every Monday to Friday a program ” Commercial spots” is broadcasted. The timing of this program is 7:55 AM and 7:55 PM. This program includes information about businesses, organizations, and job vacancies in Anguilla.
The news program of this radio is “Radio Anguilla’s Newscast.” On airs every Monday to Saturday at 7:05 AM and 7:05 PM.

Another famous show is “Positive Living- by Mrs. Marilyn Hodge.” This show is a source of inspirational thoughts for mental peace. Mrs. Marilyn Hodge gives tips through her healthy conversation to spend a life full of hope and courage. This show on airs from Monday to Friday at 8:15 AM, 12:15 PM, and 4:15 PM.
“Caribbean connections” is an energetic show which is full of information and music. Karema Gumbs is the host of this show. Form Monday to Friday its time is 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

“Drive Time” is another program hosted by Karema Gumbs. This program airs from Monday to Thursday at 4:05 PM to 5:30 PM.
A two minutes segment named ” Word for today” is broadcasted. In which the words of God from the Holy Bible provide spiritual food to listeners.

About Contact:

Postal Address: P.O.Box 60 the valley, Anguilla BWI Al-2640
Contact Number: +1 264-497-2218.
Official Website:

Click here to listen to Z105.1.