Q FM 100.7


Q FM 100.7 stands for “Quality FM” as the name of FM shows that the main focus of this radio is on the quality of programming. It is a government type radio channel. It provides updates to listeners about the current issues and what’s happening around them. This channel is also a good source of music. One can listen to old music of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, which is the most favorite music of people above the age of 40.

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History of Q FM 100.7:

It was established on 3rd May in the year 2004 in Barbados. It is owned by CBC (Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation) in Barbados. The purpose of this FM was to provide good quality music of the 50’s to 80’s. It is most popular among people above 30 years old. The listeners appreciate the quality of its broadcasting.

Q FM 100.7

TV & Radio:

CBC also launched QTV channel after Q FM, both TV and radio channels coordinate with each other. It also covers community aspects and represents their culture, history, and living style of Barbados. Its a blend of the old and modern community of this country. The music, dance, talk shows, presentation culture, and community of this channel is a bridge to interact and attract neighboring countries. This radio channel also provides live coverage of many events and some programs of Q TV. This radio provides broadcast service 24 hours a day and each day of a week. Overseas Barbadian and the Caribbean can listen to this channel on the internet.


The slogan of this channel is “Q is Good for You.” This slogan is selected based on its format of programming. They consider the choice and flavor of their listeners. The main focus of this channel is to provide a good quality of entertainment and information to the listeners who make it the best radio to listen.

Format of Programming:

Programming of this radio channel has a variety of topics. The main focus is to provide quality services to the listeners and the country. This station has a great role in the community. The following are some programs on this station.
1) Healthy Living: it on-airs on every Monday at 7:45 AM. In this show, good day start-up and health tips are the major topics.
2) Farmer’s Corner: in this program, modern methods of agriculture are taught to farmers.
3) Q in the community: this program has a special significance in the country as this program has a great impact on the neighborhood. This program represents culture, food, music, and anecdotes of their country to the world. This program helps to strengthen Q FM in the community.

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Contact Details:

Location: Pine Housing Estate, Barbados.
Contact number:+1 246-434-1007
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Q100.7FM
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cbcbarbados
Official Website: http://www.qfm.bb/