Big FM 101.6


Big FM 101.6 Albania is a broadcasting Southeast European radio station. Its broadcast is in the Albanian language and plays Albanian songs 98 percent of their people have an understanding of it. It also attracts the people who speak another dialect of Albania, which is Tosk and Gheg but understands Albania as well. The channel with its frequency 101.6 MHz on FM covers 80.5 percent of the territory of Tirana.

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I Vetmi Stacion i Gjithi Rock! (The Only All Rock Station!).

Format of Big FM 101.6:

Big FM transmits its series make its playlists with variety for all kind of listeners. It plays different types of knowledge and enjoyment based shows. Other programs of this commercial FM are related to amusement, present events, knowledge, civilization, talk shows, weather, and different games. The station is famous for rock music which includes Classic Rock, Active Rock, and Metal. It plays a lot of programs for its listeners according to their taste.

big fm 101.6


This FM station makes your day very pleasant. It helps you to get rid of your anxiety or depression and relaxes your thoughts and emotions. Its various kind of lenient and sweet songs like rock, classic rock, active rock, and metal jazz, Funk and Blues and many others which empowers your motivation the way you want with complete satisfaction. It cares for listeners taste with their beautiful songs.


101.6 radio Albania has many competitors radios like, NRG Energy, A dee jay Radio, Myzeqeja, Emigrant Radio, MCN Radio, Radio Dardania, etc.

Contact Details:

Address: Rogner Hotel, Bvd.Deshmoret e kombit, Tirana Albania
Phone Number: +355 68 20 71 247
Official website: