Hott 95.3 FM


Hott 95.3 FM was launched in Barbados on 1st December in the year 1997. It was established to entertain the people of Barbados. The main target of this FM is to provide music according to the taste and flavor of youngsters. It is providing broadcasting for 22 years. In starting of its establishment, it provides broadcasting to a small area, and now it is recognized all over the country. Through its music collection, it has made a place in the heart of its listeners.

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Introduction of Hott 95.3 FM:

The name of this channel indicates the variety of content that you can find on it. It is specified for hot music and updates. Listeners of this station enjoy the format of this channel, which is mainly based on music and entertainment. They aim to provide music according to the choice of young listeners.

Hott 95.3 FM

Target Listeners:

It is a youth radio channel which targets youngsters. Mainly people below age 35 tunes to this channel and enjoy the programs. They have an organized and active team at the radio station. Mostly young and passionate people are appointed on this radio. Senior and experienced people supervise every show. They are determined to provide a good quality of content, which is a source of entertainment and relaxation for the audience. They broadcast through a radio transmitter, and one can also listen to this channel on the internet — online streaming of this radio increase in a number of audiences in Barbados and all over the world.

Language of Programming: The programs are in the English language.
Genre: Music Dancehall.

Format of Programming:

Basically, the purpose of this radio is to target a large number of young listeners. The format of Programming is designed and updated according to the choice of youngsters. This channel is famous among youth because of music and the news packages which are specially produced for active young listeners. Programs are based on music, dance, news updates, and entertainment. Many artists are invited to their shows who share their experiences and stories with the audience. This channel also provides tickets for exciting events to listeners.

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Contact Details:

Location of the station: the headquarters of Hott 95.3 FM is located in Mount Wilton, Barbados.
Contact number: + 1 246 430 7300
Office: (246) 430-7300
Studio: (246) 434-4688
WhatsApp 266-HOTT(4688)
Email address:
Official Website: