The Beat 104.1 FM


The Beat 104.1 FM targets the community of Barbados. The head-quarter of the channel is present at river Road, Bridgetown, Barbados. Starcom Network Inc owns the station. The network was made for the younger generation, and it plays its programming for them. The FM does live broadcast via satellites. The programmers use the English language during the broadcast and air English songs.

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The slogan of where “FM” means your Favourite Music.

Program Format:

It is a musical radio station. It only airs music of different formats like soft music, mashups, fast, romantic/love, rock, and classic songs, etc. Also, the broadcasters keep their listeners aware of weather updates and other breaking news during programming.

The Beat 104.1 FM

Mission of The Beat 104.1 FM:

The purpose of the station is to soothe the young generation. If they are feeling sad or they are going through a heart breakup. The station would help them to go through from that situation in a very easy way. The channel would play soft music for them to relax their minds. Also, it would play fast or classical music to make them innovative and happy. Not only this but also the 104.1 FM tries to make lazy and idle people motivated and makes them back on work. The broadcasters being good speakers keep on motivating people in all aspects of life. They tell their audience how to overcome the feelings of stress and to accept the things the way they are.

Near By Stations:

There are many other radios in the area which are the competitor of The Beat FM. Like, Hott 95.3, VOB 92.9, 98.1 The One FM, Radio 900 AM, Quality FM, Faith 102.1, BBS 90.7, Mix 96.9, etc. and many others.

Contact Details:

Address: Starcom Network Inc. River Road, Bridgetown, St. Michael, Barbados, West Indies
Phone: 246-430-7300 & 246-434-2328
Whatsapp 262-1041
Official Website: