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CFLX FM 95.5 is a Canadian community radio station broadcasting from the heart of Sherbrooke, Canada. From north to south, from east to west, from the slopes of the Orford to the coasts of the Aylmer, and the snowy mountains to the mouth of the Saint-François River, it broadcasts within a 60-kilometer radius. It has a 1,330-watt power source placed at Mont Bellevue and licensed by Industries Canada. Community radio is incorporated as a non-profit corporation by letters patent to the Quebec Registrar. Initially, in 1978, CFLX fulfilled the goals and objectives of the University of Sherbrooke’s campus radio. It broadcast on cable on frequency 98.1, primarily on University Hill in the western part of the city.

According to Pierre Roberge of La Presse canadienne du 5 December 1991, it immediately achieved “an enviable reach of 25,000 listeners.” The programming and sound are then in the middle of commercial and student radio. The general manager, Bernard Landry, stated that “radio is different in terms of its accessibility, management, and structure; through its programming, which aims to reflect the community; by processing regional information; through its diverse musical selection; and in-content advertising and promotion.”

CFLX FM 95.5

The channel especially discusses arts and culture; sports, local and regional information; tourism, and political and civic issues in its programming. The channel’s programming discusses arts and culture, sports, local and regional information, and tourist, political, and civic concerns. The station also plays various music genres, including jazz, blues, classical, rock, new age, retro, metal, French song, progressive, western, underground, rap, electro, world music, traditional, French-speaking, and American country.

Programming of CFLX FM 95.5

De chansons et de réflexions
Des Femmes comme vous – Vicky Villeneuve and Carole Tousignant
Émission matinale
ESB Show (École secondaire de Bromptonville) – Students from Bromptonville High School
Info Weekend
J’aime le communautaire – Lucie Levasseur
L’Heure Saint-Michel – Patrice Desmarais and the students of the Center Saint-Michel de Sherbrooke
La Voix de l’itinérance – Benoit Paré
La Voix de la rue – Roxane Fortin
Board of Directors
Michael Roy – President
Patrice Desmarais – Vice-President
Michael Innes – Treasurer
Sylvie L Bergeron – Secretary
Leo Boivin – Administrator
Sophie Parent – Administrator
Remi Barbalat – Administrator

Contact Details

Address: 67 Wellington Street North, Sherbrooke (Quebec) J1H 5A9
Phone: 819-566-2787
Studio: 819-566-2787 / 819-566-7331
Official Website:

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