Favradio Station


Favradio Station is an internet radio which was launched on December 29, 2009, in Jeddah. Ainhoa was the founder of this web station. In starting they broadcasted their music collection and later on it become a popular radio and source of music, information, and entertainment. They worked hard to make Favradio a dynamically designed internet station.

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Introduction of Favradio Station:

It is a combination of two words, Favorite and Radio. The reason for the popularity is that they prefer the taste of their listener.  It also provides broadcasting through a radio transmitter.

Favradio Station

Program Format:

Its team aims to introduce an online radio channel with a dedicated team that entertains the audience with their creativity and by their knowledge of music. They know better the taste of music which people of different ages like. Here you can enjoy a variety of relaxing music, a number of informative programs, sports updates, national and international news. Everyone can find programs for his interest in it.

Favradio is also a member of the International Broadcasters Association. It also contributes to different movements such as cultural, social, and political programs in society. It promotes love, peace, and friendship among the people. Favradio plays a vital role to bring a positive attitude and to groom the personality of its listeners. It spread fun and laughter through its format of programming.

Language: as it on-airs from Jeddah, so Arabic is the language of its programming.
Genre: its genre is Arabic music/pop/entertainment.

Listeners Messages:

This channel believes in the strength of communication with the audience. By communicating with their audience, they can improve their programming. On the official website, there is a chatbox for the listener’s messages and requests. People can also send messages through yahoo, messenger, and Skype. This radio on-airs the greeting and requests of the audience. Hundreds of people send love and greetings to their loved ones through this radio channel. It connects people with this service.


Contact information:

Location: Readsea Plaza, Al Andalus, Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Phone : +966 50 477 90336
Whatsapp: 59899778616
Official Website: http://www.favradio.fm/
Email: info@favradio.fm
Facebook: https://facebook.com/favradioglobal
Twitter: https://twitter.com/favradio
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/favradio/