MBC FM is a famous radio in Saudi Arabia, which was launched in 1994. They aim to provide the best quality programming. It is renowned among the people on the basis of its format of programming. This station offers a good collection of Gulf music, melody, poetry, national and international news.

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It is a good source of entertainment for listeners. Many programs are broadcasted through this channel in which they discuss social issues, culture, national affairs, religious talk, and many informative topics. It was the first private radio channel of Saudi Arabia. MBC FM is among the top radio in Saudi Arabia.


The reason for the success is the format of programming as they aim to provide content according to the taste of Saudi society. It is equally popular among both genders, especially in youngsters. Many talk shows, news updates, health care, economic and social issues are on-aired on this channel.
Language: Arabic.
Genre: entertainment/news/information.

Programs of MBC FM:

Radio MBC provides a wide range of programming. There are different types of programs like news shows, talk shows, morning programs, music, and sports programs.

Al Liqaa Min Al Sifr:

One of the popular programs of this radio channel. In English, the program name is “The encounter from scratch.” In this show, many people join it as a guest who has earned tremendous respect and high status in society through their hard work. Founders of famous Saudi companies, ministers, and leaders become part of this show, who share their inspiring stories to motivate listeners.

Sabahkom Saoudi:

This is a morning show in which different social topics are discussed. There is a segment of daily weather updates, national and international news. In come the part addition listeners can also watch announcers live on Instagram.

Helo Alkalam:

It is a family show in which a male and a female host discuss social issues. They give tips for workers and give awareness about their public and functional rights. In this program, beauty tips and health care tips for women are also provided to maintain their elegance.

Sharik Alnajah:

In English, the program’s name means success partner. This show helps to motivate and inspire those who are disappointed in their lives. This show helps in the personality grooming of students and make them responsible.

Al Leil wal Nas (Night and people):

It is a discussion show in which two hosts argue to defend their point of view. Each broadcaster convinces others that his opinion is more important. Radwa Mazin and Osama Abalkahil present this show.

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Contact Details:

Official Website: https://www.mbc.net/channels/mbc1
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mbcfm
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mbc_fm
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mbc_fm/