Bol Hyderabad FM 90.4


Bol Hyderabad FM 90.4 is a university campus-based radio channel. It was established by the Department of Communication at the University of Hyderabad. Students of this university can obtain many opportunities to represent on different platforms. It keeps students and faculty updated with events happening in their university.

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History of Bol Hyderabad FM 90.4:

It was first introduced in 2011. This channel started its broadcast service on 15 August 2011. It covers fifteen kilometers around the university of Hyderabad.
Supervision of radio station: this radio channel is under the supervision of the Department of communication. This Department is responsible for all functioning like scheduling, programming, and production of this radio.

Bol Hyderabad FM 90.4


Radio Advisory Council guides the Bol Hyderabad radio channel. It also has members from campus, community, and other famous institutes.
Mission: Their mission is to provide authentic and nondiscriminatory programming. Their broadcasting includes entertainment and information based programs. This channel also aims to play a positive role in society.

Role in a student’s life:

It provides an opportunity and platform for students. Students who are interested in choosing media as a career can find this radio channel as an initiative. This channel enhances their abilities and provides experience in the field of media and communication.


The slogan is based on the format of programming. The slogan is ‘Your’ channel has arrived. Furthermore, they also add to this with “your songs, your issues, your programs”.

Format of Programming:

The format of its programming includes authentic content. It tends to provide programs useful for the listener and keep them updated. This channel is playing a role to improve the quality and standards of the community. Programs including morning shows, news alerts, interviews, weather updates, sports, and campus news are broadcasted.

Broadcasting Language:

It provides programming in multiple languages. In the list of their listeners, people understand different languages. Programs are broadcasted in Hindi, Urdu, English, and Telugu.
Frequency: the frequency of this channel is FM 90.4 Mhz.

List of Popular Programs:

Following is a list of some famous shows at bol Hyderabad FM 90.4.
Jag jaa Hyderabad: It is a morning show. This show is also a source of news, sports, weather, and traffic updates.
Stories of Change: This program is based on interviews with successful people. This program is a source of inspiration and motivation for listeners. It on-air every Wednesday from 08:00 PM to 08:30 PM and on Saturday from 03:30 PM to 04:00 PM.
Ulti Evenings: This show makes evenings of its listeners joyful. This show is full of information and joy. One can enjoy the chat and news on the same channel.
World Music Special: This is all about music. Listeners can listen to all types of music in this program. The timing of this show is from 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM each day of the week.

Radio Khushi Telegu and Hindi

Contact Details:

Location of the station: the Department of Communication, University of Hyderabad, Gachibowli Hyderabad India.
Phone number: + 91 40 2313 5542
Email address:
Official website: