987 FM


987 Formerly known as Perfect Ten 98.3 FM came into being on 1st January back in 1989 in Singapore. On its launch, it became the first-ever 24 hours Music Broadcasting channel in Singapore. It is quite a success at airing Music and Musical Shows in the English Language. 987FM airs songs that belongs to Singapore, United Kingdom, and the United States. It uses the tagline “Singapore’s Number one hit music station”.
During Singapore’s sweep of Nationalizing Radio channels, then perfect Ten 98.7 was also acquired and enshrined into MediaCorp’s ranks. It was rebranded as 98.7 FM Singapore. In all the sense that can be used to judge a radio station, 987fm is a hit radio station. It changed and broke the trend by airing English Music in the predominately Chinese-speaking community.

News and Current Affairs of 987 FM 98.7:

Besides News, 98.7 FM lends a portion of its time to Daily news, sports, Current Affairs, and weather-related stories. On numerous occasions when needed, 987 radio also airs news about the traffic too. 987 FM airs news bulletin during primetime hours. In November 2017, MediaCorp mandated the news bulletin to be aired every hour.

987 FM 98.7


987 FM airs Contemporary adult music all around the week; its popular programs are:

98.7 FM Shows
6 AM – 10 AM: Get Up with Gerald & Kim
10 AM – 2 PM: Lunchbox with Natasha
2 PM – 4 PM: Ad-Free 50 with Chris & Germaine
4 PM – 8 PM: The Shock Circuit with Sonia & Joakim
8 PM – 12 AM: The Knockout with Charmian

Target Listeners:

Its Targeted Audience is music listeners in Singapore, specifically English music. Outside Singapore, it is listening to in the Nearby bordering area of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Major Competitors:

FM 98.7 airs its content in the English, so its competitors are English language Radio channels. As being a Musical channel, there aren’t that many competitors who are both English and Musical, so the best competition One FM has is with SPH radio and MediaCorp’s flagship channel. BBC also compete with it when it comes to news.

987 FM Presenters:

Judging by the size of its listeners, 987 FM is not a small radio channel; therefore, it has a number of DJs and presenters.

Full-Time DJs of 987FM
Gerald Koh, Kimberly Wang, Natasha Faisal, Sonia Chew, Joakim Gomez, Charmian Tan, Chris Mak, Germaine Tan

Part-Time DJs 987FM
Ann Nicole Ng, Naomi Yeo

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Contact Details:

Address: MediaCorp Campus, 1 Stars Avenue, 138507 Singapore
987FM Phone Number: +65 6333 3888
Office Number: +65 6333 3888
Fax Number: +65 6333 3888
Email: 987fm@mediacorp.com.sg
Official Website: https://www.melisten.sg/radio/987
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/987fm
Twitter: https://twitter.com/987fm
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/987fm